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Anyone up for a game of MTG?

2011-08-12 04:23:46 by Arch-Angel

Since moving away to college, I've discovered that it is totally possible to play Magic the Gathering over Skype. Angleing the camera is kinda tricky, but once you get it, you can play just like a normal game.
so if there's any ambitious MTG players out there who want to play, just send me a PM or leave a comment. I'm always up for a game.


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2011-08-12 07:29:51

that would be awesome!


2011-08-12 08:57:55

What about magic the gathering on steam?


2011-08-12 10:10:48

dude.. just get magic workstation like everyone else and port your deck into it. EZ BRO if you get magic workstation ill play with you


2011-08-12 11:10:41

but don't forget your wizard hats lol


2011-08-12 14:09:04

just download lackeyccg.