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Anyone up for a game of MTG?

2011-08-12 04:23:46 by Arch-Angel

Since moving away to college, I've discovered that it is totally possible to play Magic the Gathering over Skype. Angleing the camera is kinda tricky, but once you get it, you can play just like a normal game.
so if there's any ambitious MTG players out there who want to play, just send me a PM or leave a comment. I'm always up for a game.

Does a music mashup count as original work? (Edit: No)

2011-06-26 17:52:16 by Arch-Angel

I made a mashup of Pendulum's remix of Linkin Park's The Catalyst, and Wiz Khalifia's Black and yellow. I know that sounds random, but I thought it went together pretty well. It's my first time doing anything like this. I don't think it's original enough to post to the AP so I put it on YouTube. Check it out here, I hope you like it. The original songs can be found here and here. what do you think?

I don't take credit for either of the songs used.

Have a nice day!

Edit: thanks for clearing that up for me lol. I hope you enjoy it though.


2011-05-16 03:03:40 by Arch-Angel

NGCT is not a crew or an official group. Simply put: people who want to spread awareness, keep the peace, report trouble makers, rereail threads, and generally keep forums civil, should post here about such maters. Those who post here may use the NGCT sig if they like.

Countertrolling: most people are aware that the only way to counter a troll is to ignore them. But sadly, many people still feed trolls all the time. If you see a troll, try not to feed them, and try to limit damage caused by keeping the thread on topic. Others will follow your example.

if you see a flamer, try to calm them down and keep the peace.

if you see an abusive review post a notice of it here.

if you find spammy or abusive portal entry, post a notice of it here. many whistles are louder than one.

NGCT list of known Troublemakers:

2011-05-16 01:46:47 by Arch-Angel

This is a list of users whom we have observed to be consistent troublemakers. if you find someone consistantly flaming, hating, trolling or spamming. leave a comment here.

- none yet, we're just getting started.

Newgrounds Countertrolling list of registered supporters:

2011-05-16 01:37:46 by Arch-Angel

This is a list of all supporters of NGCT. I will try to keep this updated as best I can.if you would also like to support NGCT, please PM me. or leave a comment on the main newspost.





Newgrounds Countertrolling Rules

2011-05-16 01:15:14 by Arch-Angel

supporting NGCT:

Any one can be a supporter of NGCT, If you would like to, just PM me and I'll add your name to the list. I preferr you have a relatively troll free post and comment history

General rules:

Do not harass users. Even if you suspect someone is trolling. Take only the actions stated in the NGCT training manual. Don't just run around accusing everyone of being trolls. People hate that. Check someone's post history and really try to figure out if their actually trolling before you attempt to countertroll. Please check out The NGCT official training manual for guidelines on how to determine if someone is trolling or not.

Don't run around like a superhero saying "I'm a countertroll lol Imma get u trolls!" this makes you and everyone else who countertrolls look dumb. Let your forum signature do the talking.

Try to be respectful to all other Newgrounds members, even trolls (they hate this).

Don't troll.

Don't feed trolls.

keep things civil and semi serious.

To propose any additions, or revisions to these rules, feel free to comment below.

Arch-Angel's Guide to Countertrolling

2011-05-16 01:01:45 by Arch-Angel

To summarize: it's simple really. many people kno that the only way to counter a troll is to ignore them. in order to counter a troll, on must follow three simple steps:
Recognize. Expose. Ignore.
most people dont know their being trolled. so it is the job of a countertroll to recognize and expose them so other people can ignore them.

Listen to this as you read for added effect.

Part 0: Introduction

These are guidelines in the art of Countertrolling. A countertroll is someone who attempts to counteract and ideally silence a troll, safeguarding a thread from derailing and combustion. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Study up and Make sure to read this guide and research trolls and how best to counter them before you go calling yourself a countertroll. Before you get to be a counter troll, what is a troll? Why do we counter them?

Part 1: What a troll is not

There is much speculation circulating NG as to what a troll actually is. There is certain behavior on the forums that can easily be mistaken for trolling, but is in fact just fooling around. Before we determine what exactly a troll is, it might be beneficial to determine what a troll is not. Just because someone says something silly in an otherwise serious thread, doesn't make that person a troll. Making a funny joke is not trolling. Anyone who disagrees with you is not always a troll. Knowing what a troll is not, is just as important as knowing what a troll is.

Part 2: What a troll is

Urban dictionary defines a troll as
"One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument"
When someone trolls a thread, they're not trying to contribute to the discussion, though they may appear to at first. Either way, trolls don't really ever care about the topic at hand. They're just trying to cause chaos and disorder. They're trying to get you mad. Indeed a signature troll line is "you mad?" this is a troll's way of breaking cover, admitting his troll nature and proclaiming victory over you. You'll rarely hear it if your not mad.

Part 2.5: a short note

As a rule of thumb: If a post is an honest attempt at humor, or a genuine contribution to the topic, It's usually not trolling.
Example: If someone posts "Justin Bieber sucks." here on Newgrounds, It's intended to be funny and is not trolling, but if someone goes to the Justin Bieber official fan page and posts "Justin Bieber sucks." That's trolling. Because you would only do that to get a rise out of the fans, and try to get them mad.

Part 3: Derailment

If a troll isn't trying to make you mad, he's usually trying to derail your thread. Thread derailment is a serious problem here on the BBS. A perfectly rational, light-hearted topic can quickly be turned into a flaming spam fest of rage and nonsense thanks to a single, well placed troll post. A derailed thread is a thread that is completely off topic where everyone seems to have forgotten what the OP was originally about. While this may seem annoying to you or me, there is a troll somewhere in his mom's basement laughing all the way back to /b/.

Part 4: The Countertroll

The countertroll comes from many different places. There are those who have been trolled and burnt by the raging flames of derailment. These are those who would work to prevent such a fate for others. Some countertrolls were once trolls themselves. Who have decided that the baffled silence of a defeated troll is more satisfying than the enraged posts of those they once trolled. There is also the average user who has simply decided that enough is enough. One who decides to take action with likeminded individuals to make the message boards more enjoyable for everyone. The countertroll hates to see other users get bullied, and will not hesitate to stand up to Haters, flamers and spammers in addition to common trolls. The countertroll doesn't get mad. They don't rage. They keep their cool, and they keep on countertrollin'.

Part 5: The art of countertrolling

In my experience there are three steps involved in counteracting the common troll. Recognize. Expose. Ignore. Trolls very rarely need to be directly confronted, and these three steps, the goal of which is to get other users in a thread to simply disregard the troll all together, are usually enough to render a troll completely harmless. But the strength of trolls is that unlike in common rage comics, it is never apparent who is trolling. That's why it's important to know the nature of trolling in order to properly recognize a troll when you see one.

Recognition: it is never easy to spot a troll in a thread. It can be beneficial to a countertroll to first learn to spot the evidence of a trolls work. Derailment, as stated above, is commonly the work of trolls. If you ever see an entire thread of users raging at a single user, this user may very well be a troll, or a victim of a troll. Use caution in this situation. Trolling is very common in flame wars. Any thread with a title such as " What's better, Halo or Call of Duty?" is bound to be a raging flame war rife with trolls. It is advised to avoid countertrolling in such situations. As it can be near impossible to try to make order. But if there is a large argument going on in a normal forum, keep an eye peeled, a troll might be to blame. If you are unsure, check a possible troll's post history to see if they have a history of suspicious posts.

Exposure: Most users will be near impossible to troll if they are aware they are being trolled. The problem is that most people don't stop to think if they had been trolled until it's too late. Once you have recognized and are reasonably sure of a troll in a thread, it's time to expose them. A troll brought into the public eye won't last long. It is a very simple maneuver and can be accomplished in many ways. Respond to the post of the user who is being trolled. Calmly inform them that they are being trolled and that they should stop feeding (responding to) the troll. In the event of a troll trolling a group of people, it is generally enough to publicly call them out and inform everyone of the trolls presence. Exposure is a bold step and should be definitive. You have to be sure of yourself. The only exception to this rule is if it is generally not clear if the person is trolling or just very stupid/ignorant. This is the only case where it is okay to say flatly "I'm not sure if you'r trolling, or just very stupid"

Ignore: It is not enough to simply expose a troll. If most people become aware they are being trolled, they will rage out against the person trolling them if they haven't already done so. This is bad. As you expose a troll, you must encourage anyone else in the thread to ignore the troll outright. If a troll is completely ignored, they will go away. This statement bears repeating: If a troll is completely ignored, it will go away. This is true 99.9 percent of the time. This is why it is so important to get fellow users to ignore a troll.

Recognize. Expose. Ignore. This is the way of the Newgrounds Countertroll. It isn't easy. It takes practice, experience, and a cool head. If you learn the art though, it is a gratifying skill, and you'll end up helping a lot of people. So answer the call. Join the countertrolls and make the BBS safe and enjoyable for everyone. Think you're up to the challenge? Join NGCT.

This guide will give you the basics, but it alone won't fully prepare you for countertrolling. You need to do you research and learn as much as you can. Check out these websites for additional information about Trolls and Countertrolling:
93288 ssage.php?topic_id=102430

Other warnings and guidelines:

- Update your password and antivirus software regularly. Because some, more powerful trolls are also accomplished hackers. And they don't take to kindly to being countertrolled.

- Don't get banned. Countertroll safely so you don't end up looking like a troll yourself.

- Be respectful. The only thing worse than getting trolled is attempting to countertroll someone who was not actually trolling in the first place and making yourself look like an idiot. Pick your fights carefully.

- Don't run around like a superheroes saying, "I'm a countertroll lol Imma get u trolls!" this makes you and everyone else who countertrolls look dumb. Let your forum signature do the talking.

- Keep up to date on the list of known trolls. So it will be easier to spot one when you see one.

- Keep up to date on the list of registered users. Don't be fooled by Trolls posing as counter trolls.

To propose any additions, or revisions to this guide, feel free to comment below.

Finals are done!!

2011-04-25 23:17:19 by Arch-Angel

yeah my school ends ridiculously early, but that just means I'll have more time to practice animating! woot!
expect cool stuff soon ;)

If anyone is mad at me about my recent posts on the forums here... you deserve to be.

I'm just not good at writing threads. they usually end up with people getiim mad at me cuz I loose my temper and say something I shouldn't've. I'm not a bad guy though. I always start with good, honest intentions, but as soon as someone gets insulting, I take it as a personal attack and then feel like I have to retort constantly. I never mean for people to get mad or offended. I'm just not very good at foruming. plus they always get off topic and i always fall for it. partially cuz of trolls. but mostly cuz of me.

I'm sorry to anyone I offended, I didn't mean to.

and I apologize for calling people "con men". Immediately after I posted it, I read it and I was like "oh god what have I done now?" anyway, no hard feelings to anyone.

Arch out

New Awesome Armor Designs!

2011-04-08 05:56:26 by Arch-Angel

Hey everyone!

Just here at college and instead of working on final papers, did a vector of some wicked combat armor for a story me and a friend are working on.

check it out here! h-angel/shock-tropper-armor-concept

Be sure to R&R! (rate and review)
Arch out

New Awesome Armor Designs!